about us

What is TechWine?

Well, let’s start by saying thank you for checking our site (project), TechWine is based on an idea that we had for sometime.

Techwine started as a project for college, and now i am keeping it alive and running, with new posts, keeping it optimized, maybe refreshing the look here and there, and much more.The posts are always original and written by Techwine, we watch keynotes, live updates from companies to stay up to date.

Now Techwine is for now all about smartphones. We wanted to make blogging, and reading new smartphones reviews / articles, more simple, to the point articles, modern, and up to date with content, design and simplicity.

Where we are headed?

Techwine gonna get expanded till the end of the year, with more smartphones reviews and articles, but we are thinking of adding more content, like tablets, computers, and laptops reviews.

There is also an idea of expanding it even further, with a Login and register system, users can submit their articles for a review by admins, and if it passes, they can post it directly into the site.


Do i need to create account to comment?

For now, you don’t need to create account to comment for posts, you can comment as a guest by only typing your name and E-mail. and for replying for other comments, you just retype your name and email.

Who wrote the articles?

All the articles are fully original and written by TechWine.org.

Can we link exchange?

Of course we can exchange links, all you need to do is contact us with your domain name, and what you want to exchange. Or you can use Automatic Backlinks to get fast and easy backlinks. Use code techwine1 to get 10% discount.

Supporting us

Let’s support each other, by me writing awesome, simple and detailed articles, and you guys invite me for a coffee 🙂

By supporting us you guys give us motivation to continue to work harder and harder, to deliver more high quality articles, and more frequently.