Samsung Galaxy A52 review

Samsung Galaxy A52 2021 review

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The Samsung Galaxy A52 comes to close the gap from the A51 from last year, with a new display, New cameras setup, Fast charging, better specs of-course, and a 5G in select markets.

New design and display


The Samsung Galaxy a52 2021 almost shares design with the s21 series lineup, but with a plain plastic back, instead of glass, with 4 colors to choose from, like, Black, Blue, Violet, and White.

Don’t expect it to be and feel like a premium phone, it’s not on the market for that, it’s on the market to be affordable alternative from the more expensive A series or the S series.

Samsung Galaxy a52 design


The Samsung Galaxy a52 2021 rocking a 6.5″ FHD+ Super AMOLED display, with a top centered hole-cut camera, which is reasonably smaller, the display itself is very great, it’s very bright, great colors,  with support to HDR10+.

The display moved from the regular 60Hz display to a 90Hz which is awesome to see, higher refresh rate means, using the phone would be a lot smoother, in scrolling, games and such.

And under the display there is of-course a fingerprint sensor, which feels faster and more accurate than ever.

Samsung Galaxy a52 display

How's the performance?

Samsung Galaxy a52 2021 have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G, it’s not the best chip, but for the price, it’s the better choice. The phone may  sometimes lag or stutter or even over heat, but hey, what can you expect. 

The phone comes with a 4Gb of RAM with a 128Gb of storage, up to 8Gb and 256Gb storage. Expandable MicroSD slot, with headphone jack, which was not expected to see. And IP67 Water and dust resistant.

This device is a 4G variant, and Samsung lunched a 5G device, with a 120Hz display too.

Samsung Galaxy a52 performance

Cameras, are they better?

The cameras got a very decent upgrade this year, with 64Mp main camera, 12Mp UltraWide, 5Mp macro camera, another 5Mp depth sensor. The front is a 32Mp camera.

The camera app is almost identical to the high end flagships like the s21 or Note 20, the pictures seems decent, with natural colors, not bad nightmode, and the portrait mode is questionable.

Samsung Galaxy a52 cameras


The phone comes with a massive 4,500 mAh battery, and fast charging up to 25W, but the phone comes with a 15W charger.

The Samsung Galaxy a52 2021 can almost last you a whole day, for a normal, not high work or playing games on the phone.

The bright display, can drain the phone fast, but likely the processor isn’t power hungry, also toggling of the 90Hz display or even the AOD (Always On Display) can help a lot.

Samsung Galaxy a52 package

Phone specs


For the price i say go for it, if don’t need a more powerful, more expensive device to flex on your friends, then go for it.

The design is not bad, the display is very great, and the cameras are very good. Tell us what you think down below.