iOS 14 review

iOS 14 Review: Big step up


iOS 14 is here, Apple on June 2020 revealed iOS 14 with big changes on the home screen, new features like widgets, app clips, and more. And a big privacy and security controls.

Home screen


Apple finally added widgets to the home screen, the widgets were on the home screen before but only accessable if you swiped left to see and access them.

But now in iOS 14 review, you can place the widgets where ever you want on the home screen, like the applications icons they all stick from top to bottom.

iOS 14 review: home screen

Apple has redesigen the widgets too, with fresh new look across iOS, iPadOS, and in the new macOS Big Sur, the widgets has 3 sizes, small, medium, and big sizes.

The last option with the widgets, is that you can add a widget that is called smart stack, which lets the phone choose the best widget to show you based on time of the day, location, and other factors.

App library

Swiping all the way to the right in IOS 14 review, gives you access to all your apps in one place, and they are grouped in categories based on the apps, like recently added, productivity, tools, games and so on.

iOS 14 review: App library

More great added features

Picture in picture

No videos that you watch, you can have option to put the video in picture in picture, which lets do other stuff with the video player minimised to a small size on the screen, you can move it around, pause and play, go next or back. or swipe it away.

Compact caller id, Siri, and volume slider

Now in iOS 14 review, everything seems to come back together since iOS 7, the smaller caller id doesn’t interrupt you during games, or the work you are doing on the phone, the volume slider is more compact and doesn’t cover 1/4 of the screen, and Siri is more smart than ever with new design.

iOS 14 review: caller id

App clips

App clips let’s you download and use an app without actually downloading all the app, only the part of the app that you needed.

Let’s explain more, let’s say you are on a cooking website, and they have a link tutorial, but the link opens the app store to download the app to see the tutorial.

So instead of installing all the app, the application installs the tutorial section of the app, within no time, and opens the app to use and see the tutorial. This is great for a booking a reservation on a restaurant, buying tickets and so on.


Messages in iOS 14 review is better than ever, with pinned chats, inline replies in specific messages that is very useful in group messaging. And we can’t forget the new Memoji with more facials and looks, with improved and new expressions.

Improved Privacy and security

In iOS 14 review, apps have to ask for accessing your camera, track you, accessing microphone and so on, and if an app is using the camera or microphone, a green (camera) or orange (microphone) is being used by an app.

And if you swiped down in the control center you can see what is being used and by whom, and you can restrict that.

Even now you can see who is accessing your keyboard, and clipboard, which is huge stuff, and you can limit what is being used by the apps as well.


iOS 14 review: privacy

All the privacy and tracking can be found in the new privacy setting in the settings app, you can see what tracked you, what the applications are allowed to use and what is denied.

iOS 14 review: tracking

Compatibile devices


This time iOS 14 i say is a very worth it to update to, you get new widgets, app library, app clips, pip and much more, and we cant forget the new privacy and tracking built in, which is making some big tech companies very angry about the new change.