iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro max review


The new iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max share the same processor as the regular iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini, and almost the same cameras lenses, so how they differ and a “pro” models?

Power and speed


The iPhones were always the top devices by the speed and software optimizations, and this year even more powerful, the two models are rocking an Apple A14 Bionic chip with 6Gb of RAM (iPhone 12 with 4Gb), and 128Gb up to 512Gb of storage.

iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max both are a monster of a devices with no lags at all, and the games and heavy apps run smoothly with no problems at all, just like the regular iPhone 12.

So, the performance is the same between all the models, the main difference is the extra RAM, the cameras with a Lidar sensor, the sizes, and the prices, iPhone 12 pro starts at 999$, and the iPhone 12 pro max at 1,099$.

iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max chip techwine.org

5G is here too

5G gives the phone more celluar internet speeds, in downloading and uploading, tho, it’s still not yet available everywhere, and carrier plans for it may be for extra payments.

But later on, when it’s widely available, that’s when the fun starts, you would then feel the big difference in internet speeds, and it may even be faster than your home WiFi, we just have to wait to test it.

iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max camera techwine.org

Let's talk cameras

Both the iPhone 12 pro’s has a 3 – 12Mp cameras setup on the back, one is the regular main camera with OIS (12 max with IBIS), ultra wide, and the 2x telephoto camera (12 max with 2.5x).

Apple made big (not huge) difference in the cameras between iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max, they want who ever wants the best cameras, should choose the iPhone 12 pro max for better photography.

The sensors are bigger, which brings more light for more clearer images and portraits, with better nightmode and a new smart HDR3

iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max cameras techwine.org

And Apple introduced a new way to capture images with ProRAW, which let you capture images in full RAW, and then export them and edit them in what ever image editor you want.

New LIDAR sensor

Both the new iPhone 12 pro’s have a new sensor next to cameras, it’s called the LIDAR sensor, which helps the cameras know hat they are looking at, and helps with VR, with apps that let you to scan rooms, and customise the rooms how ever you like.

iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max display techwine.org

Design and displays


iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max displays, iPhone 12 pro comes in a new 6.1″, iPhone 12 pro max in a new 6.7″. The displays are OLED or what apple likes to call it – Super XDR OLED display.

The all around bezels are smaller than the iPhone 11 pro’s, and the display much brighter, with vivid and saturated colours. 

iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max battery techwine.org


iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max has the same design as the iPhone 12 and 12 mini, with a flat all around, but instead of a glassier finish on the back, on the pro models they switched with a frostier glass back, and a glass camera bump.

The phones comes in 4 colours, Black, White, Gold, and a new Blue.

iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max Accessories techwine.org

Battery and accessories

This year iPhone 12 pro has somewhat smaller battery than last year’s iPhone 11 pro, with a 2,815mAh. The iPhone 12 pro max battery life almost the same as last year’s iPhone with a 3,687mAh. The battery life should be good on both of them, iOS optimizations are top level, and the RAM management is great.

The sad this is, is Apple no longer put a charger brick in the box, only comes with a USB-C to lightening. Apple claims for the environment, but we all know why they did that.

MagSafe and the new accessories

MagSafe is Apple’s new accessory, which let’s the phones charger wirelessly but with a magnet attach on the back of the phones, almost like the Apple Watch charger. (sold separately)

With that, Apple has created many other accessories that can attach with the magnets, like a credit card holder, and the third-parties has created many more and fun accessories.


A you can see the Pro’s is not a big difference in performance than the regular iPhone 12, the big difference is the Cameras and the displays.

And if you have to choose which, i say go with the Pro max, it has bigger battery, bigger display and a better camera sensors.