Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra review: monster of a phone

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The new Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra delivers everything you ever wanted in a smartphone, big beautiful display, amazing cameras, and a new support for a S-Pen.

Are the new Cameras better?

The Galaxy s21 ultra review, the phone is rocking a main 108Mp camera, 12Mp wide, 10Mp 3x optical telephoto, 10Mp 10x optical telephoto, and a 40Mp selfie camera with phase-detection.

The year, Samsung fixed some of the problems the s20 ultra had with it’s cameras like the 108Mp was barely usable with bad focusing problems, but, this year they fixed most of the problems, the new cameras bring more light, sharp, detailed images, with better focusing.

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Galaxy s21 ultra review cameras

Let's talk performance

With a flagship, you will certintly get a flagship specs and power, it has a Qualcomm Snapdargon 888 with 5G, with 12Gb to 16Gb of RAM, and from 128Gb to 512Gb of storage.

No microSD slot for expansion, and no headphone jack as usual.

Galaxy s21 ultra review, is the first phone to have the Snapdragon 888, or the global model has the Exynos 2100.

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In daily or regular use the phone stays snappy and super fast, no lag at all in any game or in any work that you do with the phone.

Galaxy s21 ultra review specs

Design and display

The design is the same as the new s21 series but with extra or bigger camera bump on the back, it has the Cantour Cur as Samsung calls it, which makes the camera bump looks batter than the s20 series camera bump.

The design of the s21 ultra feels premium and well built, with glass on front and back, with many colors to choose from, silver, black, blue, or a brown color. but is it worth the 1,299$? you can decide that.

Galaxy s21 ultra review display


The phone display comes in 6.8″ WQHD+ dynamic AMOLED display, with resolution of 3200×1440 and a 120Hz refresh rate display, for a more smoother use of the phone. The display itself is one of the top display’s on the market of any smartphone.

We got the hole punch camera on the top center of the display, under display fingerprint sensor which more faster that previous Galaxy s20 ultra fingerprint.

And the phone supports the new S-Pen accessory, which is almost the same as the Note series, but you would need a case to hold the S-Pen into.

Galaxy s21 ultra review display 2


The Galaxy s21 ultra review, battery is huge and massive, with a 5,000  mAh, with it you get in regular use, for a max of 2 days, which is very excellent for a phone, and the fast charging can help get you back on track very fast, just throw it in the charger, and in couple of minutes the phone would be ready.

But sadly, no power brick in the box, Samsung has followed Apple in no power brick in the box. which just bad selling point, people are paying 1,299$+ for a phone, it better come with a charger.

Likely it has a 15W fast wireless charging, and a reverse wireless charging, which is a plus.

Galaxy s21 ultra review battery

Phone specs


The Galaxy s21 ultra is not a cheap device, but considering the specs, display, cameras, i guess it’s maybe worth it for the money, you may agree or disagree, and it’s all an opinion. leave us a comment below to discuss with you guys.