Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: is it worth it?


If you need an everything phone, then the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the phone for you, for 1,099$. The huge display, the huge camera bump, the huge battery, and the huge performance.

New design, better than before?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra has new design with squared off corners, and it’s massive in the hand, with curved edges, the camera bump is massive, with cool design to it, but because it’s on top side of the phone, it mean it will rock on a table.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra design

The display

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra has a 6.9″ WQHD+ AMOLED 120Hz display, it’s very bright and colorful. camera hole-cut on top middle of the screen like the Note 10, but little smaller and better.

The 120Hz display is just amazing, smoother daily use of the phone, smoother playing games, unlike the regular Note 20, it’s stuck on 60Hz and 1080p, but the advantage, it has flat edges.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra display

How is the performance?

The phone rocking a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ / or globally Exynos 990, with 12Gb of RAM, 128 / 512Gb of storage, and a MicroSD slot for up to 2Tb!

The performance of the Galaxy Note 20 ultra is a monster, run every app, eveery game with no lag at all, that’s what you should expect from a 1K$+ phone. The phone sometimes get’s a little hot, but it’s normal.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra gaming


We can’t forget about the S-Pen in the Note line-up, the S-Pen is the key that differ it from the regular S line-up, so how is the new S-Pen this year?

There is a new air gestures, you can use the S-Pen to draw a virtual letter in air, and that trigger a action to the phone, like draw a circle or an “o”, it will light the flashlight. And the notes app more functional the never.


Dex let you share the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra to a 2019+ Samsung tv wirelessly, that is cool if you want to showcase photos, videos, or even play games on your big tv screen. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera

The cameras

The note series always had a very great cameras, and this year isn’t exception, it is rocking a 108Mp main camera, 12Mp telephoto camera, 12Mp ultraWide camera, and a 10Mp selfie camera. Video up to 8k at 24Fps.

With the triple rear cameras on the back and the huge bump, the cameras are awesome, with great details, good dynamic range, and colorful images.

The UltraWide and telephoto gives you some options to play with your picture that you want to capture, and they always give you cool pictures to share with friends.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra package

Can the batteries last?

The phone has a 4,500 mAh, which is not bad, but for a screen this size, the processor, and the 120Hz, it can last you for a whole day of-course, but with a little juice only left.

If only Samsung made the phone a little thicker to cover the camera bump a little bit, they can easily give it more bigger battery.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra comes with a 25W fast charger, which is a plus, a wireless charging at 15W, and reverse wireless charging at 4.5W.

Phone specs


The Galaxy Note 20 ultra is a huge phone, by huge i mean really huge, you can’t use it with one hand. The specs are on the top, powerful chip, cameras, amazing display and all. The S-Pen give it a plus.

But is the phone for you? or do you recommended it for someone? tell us down below.